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March 6, 2010

The Concept

It’s just a basic and very simple idea

Every society has to norm itself

That is why the new media society will do the same .. and that is inevitable .

We have practically a virtual  reality and we will develop online sanction for deviant online behavior.

How will that happen?

Right now we are at a point in human society evolution where we tend to move from the empiric present to a future virtual reality .. that will govern our lives more than we thing.. at least right now.

So, the online society (or the global village) will develop methods in order to regulate online behavior  since there are practically no laws regarding the users behavior in the online space ( and all that can be done  happens ) , and if the laws exist there are not made for the virtual individuals conducting business over the internet but to the real persons and organizations  from the “real”live . And this persons can not be found as easily as we think .. that is because if someone is able to run business over the internet must also have the skills to outrun local institutions that govern over a territory … and that is why we need a world government !!! .. just kidding , but you shout consider that idea ..and all the other conspiracy theories!  … anyway, we are doing just fine without any internet government , yet we will develop online sanctions for online entities … that is actually what this website is about .

Why will this happen

The internet is basically owned by companies . Even if the Hardware and the internet domains are under the states regulation, the content an the quality of it is basically ruled by economic laws and our obsolete capitalist profit based economy.  Industry giants tend to regulate at a certain level the  content , yet online platforms that have user generated content have a very low control rate and often their response time is  .

There is nothing wrong about expressing yourself in any way you find normal , yet that content has to go exactly to your target without affecting other users. Since most of online campaigns are ran by “bad” (un-experienced, stupid or idiots) marketers there is a lot of  spam generated . When I say spam I mean irrelevant and bad content that is unsolicited .

So, everyone had the right to publish whatever he or she ( or it ! ) pleases , but it’s not OK for an academic research to be less relevant than a commercial product in a search engine. That is why users will act collectively for the un-rating proces.

How will this happen

The first method simple: Click Per Pay – ask your peers to clink on a PPC advertise until it shows no more.

  • In order to implement such a system you have to gather users on an announcement list where total irrelevant, bad, scam,misleading and any other form of adv can be proposed
  • Next it’s the users decision to sanction that PPC adv – and if it’s as bad as you think it will happen
  • Users proposing website can be followed trough microbloging also
  • Users will have to justify their proposal | Not OK to do that only because competition in a industry

Next method is to promote websites that provide good and reliable information

  • This is very simple – can be done by providing a link to the desired website on any type of media : from personal blog, websites to social networks platforms

Another method is  to classify content

  • This can be done in an infinite number of ways and as search engines get more smart and accurate in providing quality results user experience will improve
  • The old way of surfing the net will eventually die out

Another method is to declassify content

  • Blacklists will be so popular in the future!
  • Rating always worked – > Mark bad content as much as you can

List can go on – I’m sure there is a great interest in this

Unethical Business Strategies for Today and Near Future

Online sanction can not be applied to offline business, and if we were to do that we can achieve only financial and public image results .. That will have to do , since it will eventually lead to lowering one’s market share.

First of all we have to realize that every organization tends to move to the online environment.  Since most of them tend to have a small culture about online marketing you can profit as a marketer from this.

Get 3 buddies for a beer and Start an ONLINE MARKETING Company. By the end of the evening you should be able to come up with a fancy name like ” Megatronic Global Communications ” .

Skip the beer next day and invest 10$ in an online domain where you can upload a wordpress platform with an interesting theme you can find on any torrent.

Get some more beer and finally convince the only one of your buddies that has a job that the bank where he works ( very likely as front desk officer )  is not very likely to know about him getting the database of all the clients they have. Provide him some spyware tools also in order to make sure that, even if you next door russian neighbour haking skills are not as good as he claims, the password used to hack the system is someone else.

Next, Call one of you girlfriends from high school ( that is probably married to a geek by now ) who works in a telemarketing company and ask her for a presentation .

Next, change the names on that presentation with you “company”, update the website ( the single page you have) and start spamming executives from the database. Make sure you get some sort of software that automatically add the real name of the recipient in the text content.

After 3 months some of them will probably reply… make sure you remember what you did 3 months before.

When you meet a client try to look professional and use as many abbreviation as possible ! Ask what spend budget is having and ask him at least to double it.

Important: Create a fake protofolio of really big clients, but not market leaders . No one ever checks that out!

Next – make a really bad add and sent it for review to the blacklist I mentioned before. They will certainly agree that is to dumb to be true and your client is stupid enough to waste money on PPC – therefor will go for it.

The results should be spectacular  and make sure you present the traffic to your clients as a major succes in reaching two times as many “consumers” as planned . Make sure you show him a good add .

Ask him to recommend you to two more business partners of him and start over the process.

Good Luck!

And make sure you spend as much money gained from this as fast as possible and if necesarry become insolvent overnight . Get a lot of goods in leasing even if you pay double for them. When you feel like not using them any more declare bankruptcy and start another company in another country. By the time you will have to eventually pay the debts you can move to another country and start over with another company and maybe another name.

And make sure you donate for a right cause – like the transition to a resource based economy where you can do all that traveling and living the good life without scamming clients and financial institutions on daily bases.


BTW: The evil twin is NOT the socialist one. The socialist is actually the idealistic one – The capitalist Big Brother is the one that leads you to regard the text above as a good plan 🙂

And – More about a resource based economy in the vision by the futurist  Jacque Fresco here

That website is one worth promoting worth future!

More unethical business –

And more successfull brands –

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March 6, 2010

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March 6, 2010

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